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Checkout our Winter Specials

We are ready to take care of any tree or landscaping needs you may have that are more than you may expect during the spring, summer and fall months when our professional services are needed the most. Do you have a tree on your property that is declining and making you nervous every time you look at it? Maybe the limbs over your roof need some attention?

Preventive maintenance goes a long way when prioritized. Waiting for the last minute (or our busiest warm weather season) could be a headache and more stressful.

This is the BEST time of year to get tree work done.

Trees go doormat during the winter making it clear to see what is going on in the canopy without all the foliage that blinds the eye from easily noticing breakage, stubs, weak crotches, stress fractured, cavities, cankers, and cracks.

This is the BEST time for Fertilizing Trees

While a tree’s canopy stops growing when it is in the dormant stage, the roots on the other hand grow the most at this time using stored food/nutrients that is collected during the growth season. Restoring these nutrients, is important for the photo synthesis process.

This is the BEST season for Home Improvements

Tax season is around the corner and if you are like us we count on that money to improve our home, and value of our property. This would be a great opportunity to take advantage of the payment plans we offer during the winter season and discounted rates on top of our already reasonable prices.
• New customer discounts
• Senior citizen discounts
• Military discounts

Our onsite arborist, Justin Thompson, will assure you that your trees and landscaping are taken care of in a professional manner. Justin is a member of the (KAA) Kansas Arborist Association. We value our customer’s and appreciate your business. Our team here at Complete TCL are passionate about tree care and your satisfaction.

Thank you for your consideration and Happy New Year!

Look forward to hearing from you! 316-559-6786