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Did you get our flyer?

‘Personality with Professionalism’ is our motto at Complete Tree Care & Landscaping.

Growing up in a family dedicated to tree care, owner, Justin Thompson, aspired to, one day, have his own tree care company.

Starting at the age of 13, Justin trained every summer under a Certified Arborist, to gain valuable knowledge and work ethic, to ensure that he, too, would provide quality work, with professionalism, to his future clients.

Being a 3rd generation tree trimmer...

Plainly, it’s in Justin’s blood.

After 30 years of working for his uncle, Justin has accumulated many on-the-job training hours, and has become a Certified Arborist.

Continuing in his family’s footsteps, he started this thriving tree care and landscaping business. Since then, his customers often say, “Watching you work is like a day at the Circus!”

Safety first doesn’t mean that we don’t have fun on the job!

Our Passion for Your Trees

Justin is an artist at work, when it comes to sculpting your trees. You can see it as he works. He is masterful at caring for your tree’s health, while also creating gorgeous beauty for your landscape.

3 ways we create

Beautiful Landscapes





Personality with Professionalism

Complete Tree Care & Landscaping, Landscape Contractors, Wichita, KS

After noticing a tree trimmer flyer on my door, I took a chance and called Justin’s Complete Tree and Landscaping Service. My trees were trimmed on the day and at the time Justin and I had agreed on. The price was more than fair. They completely cleaned up all limbs and leaves. We have used Justin’s Trees on several occasions every time with excellent results. Many other homeowners in Briarwood Lake Estates also use Justin finding him to charge a reasonable fee.Susan Walters, Wichita KS